Who is ReaperSec?

The members of ReaperSec are as follows:  (Nick – Twitter handle)

CryptKper – @CryptKper
NyteAngel – @NyteAngel2012
AnonymousDown – @AnonymousDown
Sonar_Guy – @Sonar_Guy
Sonar_Gal – @EvilSonarChik
Kalypto – @KalyptoNet
chifmevious – @chifmevious
tyrdr0p – @tyrkoil  (Resigned on 4/29/2013)

The above mentioned people are the IRC Operators of ReaperSec.  (Maybe this will clarify things for everyone.)  😉

IRC Staff Members:

PashaPasta – @PashaPasta


One Response to “Who is ReaperSec?”

  1. […] What some may not know is that the Operators of ReaperSec were some of the original channel ops for #jester on 2600′s IRC server. CryptKper, AnonymousDown, Sonar_guy, Sonar_gal, chifmevious, myself, and kevin_flynn (inactive) and bluesoul120 (inactive) all left #jester in the middle of 2011 due to conflicts of interest with other chan ops, and th3j35t3r himself. (The current Opers for ReaperSec can be found at https://reapersec.wordpress.com/about) […]

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