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th3j0k3y – A failed attempt to save face

Posted in Uncategorized on July 15, 2012 by CryptKper

Let me start by saying,  Mrs. Craven- If in fact you are a real person then I’m extremely sorry th3j35t3r has drug you into this mess he himself created. Not only did he have no right to, but he should be ashamed of himself for doing so.

Now thats out of the way, on to th3j35t3r.

I won’t bore you with details, we’ve already explained why we no longer support th3j35t3r and why we’ve chosen to tell the truth about the silly games he plays. If you wish to know the story, I welcome you to continue reading our previous posts.

First off, and I will make it bold so its easy for you read, jester. ReaperSec did not hack your email account or any other account, nor did Asherah. We’ve even pointed out the person responsible and yet you continue to blame us. For those that don’t know, his twitter account is @ihazwyze. No, we don’t know who it is, no its not another member of ReaperSec. I will however tell you, the nick ‘wise’ was registered on Jul 08 19:16:47 2012, the email address he provided was th3j35t3r’s own email address, and he was using a proxy based out of the UK. Partial IP address of 83.170.x.x

th3j35t3r- You operate on lies, this time those lies have bit you in the ass. You’ve allowed your quest to expand your ego to write a check your ass can’t cash. To be honest, this time you would have looked somewhat credible had you just owned up to it, and admit to your fans that you screwed up. After all you’re only human, right? Instead you chose smoke and mirrors. When that failed and no one bought into your BS you decided to blame ReaperSec. You do, however make a great politician. It must have been a huge blow to you, to lose all those followers on twitter, seeing how thats the only place you exist.

After all the lies you’ve told and those I’ve been witness to, I’m sorry to say that I even question your military service. Prove it, but not to me, to your fans. Those whom without you wouldn’t even exist. At this point I believe they deserve to know at the very least that you are who you claim to be, a military veteran. And I don’t mean having your usuals speak for you. You do it, from your twitter account and your blog.

All this, your blog posts, tweets etc, is just another failed attempt to save face with your fans. Heaven forbid they realize the truth about you. That you are nothing more than a fraud who gets his kicks off by taking credit for other peoples work. After all the crap you said about Gregory D. Evans, turns out your just like him.


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