While we’re waiting on the Saladin Full Disclosure…

It seems th3j35t3r has taken some offense to our last post. So much so he feels the need to make ReaperSec his next target. ReaperSec is made up of some of the former channel operators from th3j35t3r’s IRC channel on 2600 (#jester). These former channel operators are myself (CryptKper), AnonymousDown, NyteAngel, Sonar_Guy, Sonar_Gal, tyrdr0p, Kalypto, chifmevious, kevin_flynn, and formerly bluesoul120.

So let me clarify a couple things as why th3j35t3r hates ReaperSec so much. But before I do that let me answer the question of why we left 2600. Simply put, we got tired of cleaning up his mess after him tweeting for the world that he’s on IRC and to come chat with him. Just as soon as the trolls or anyone with at least  a 5th grade education came around asking him questions he would bail. Second, he loves to take credit for things he didn’t do.

  • Modified LOIC to expose users IP – Never happened, unknowing users where exposed by default.
  • Infected DHN.zip distributed to AnonymousNever happend, AnonymousDown found the file, th3j35t3r asked Tyrkoil to write his blog post claiming that he (th3j35t3r) had modified the file.
  • Anonops Anope Services dumpDidn’t directly take credit, but did refuse to give credit to individual who performed the hack. Originally performed by HackThePlanet if I recall.
  • DoS’d LulzSec’s Server – Again, never happened, this was later confirmed by Matthew Prince, CEO of Cloudflare, during Defcon 19.
  • Tripoli Post hack – Used a known vulnerability as XSS (Cross-site scripting) to inject a photo that looked similar to an actual article. (Target Site | Image Source | XSS Effect) This will only work if you use the link he provided. No, he didn’t actually hack into the Tripoli Post web servers.

This wasn’t so much of a problem until th3j35t3r requested use of the information ReaperSec acquired in his upcoming blog post ‘If I am Wrong… I’ll say I’m Wrong. Here’s my apology.‘ The only thing ReaperSec requested was that he give us credit for the work. At that time he did give us credit, however this was later removed when the story broke about Sabu being arrested and turned informant. By the way, props to Backtrace Security for tagging Sabu.

So why does he hate us, simply put, because we’re calling him out on his own actions. Questioning hacks, theories, and explanations he’s providing. Dox? We could careless who he is, he is well aware that if ever caught he will have to answer for his actions.

Why does ReaperSec have a grudge against th3j35t3r? Simply put,we don’t, just him taking credit for things he didn’t do.

th3j35t3r: Want us stop? Stop taking credit for things you didn’t do, start giving credit where credit is due, and we’ll shut up. I still consider you a friend, though if you wish to label me as an enemy as you did on your blog, then so be it.

‘The worst enemy a person can aquire, is the enemy he once considered a friend.’ – th3j35t3r




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