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th3j35t3r and QR Exploits Exposed Part 2

Posted in Uncategorized on April 28, 2012 by sanguinariousrose

So I just seen this tweet and it further proves that jester has failed. To explain this better to people unfamiliar with exploits as th3j35t3r is showing, when you do a buffer overflow you are forcing a vulnerable program to execute a small piece of assembled bit-code for that specific processor architect and Operation System. This is refereed to as shell code because it often spawns a shell on the target, and then it either connects to a specific target refereed to as reverse connect, or listens for incoming connections on a specific port. This can be considered to be like a very very small program of around 100 bytes of processor instructions which are specific to Operating System as well as the architecture of the processor.  The only purpose this tool th3j35t3r mentioned could serve is to keep access to a device, and even then, he could not have used netcat on his server like he said to manage that many exploited devices efficiently without loosing potential intel as pointed out previously.

In th3j35t3r’s writeup he never mentioned using netcat on the phone itself, and if he did indeed use something other than a stock netcat he would write about it to boost his ego as he always does claiming such things. He has always done this in the past so it seems illogical for him to suddenly stop noting things he has done that makes him “l33t” so to speak. So, this further proves what I stated in my previous post that th3j35t3r has no clue what he is talking about and in fact the attack never happened as claimed. Even pointing out how it is wrong he keeps foot bullet himself and feeding on the ignorance of  his fanbase that doesn’t know any better. Grabbing a headline that says “Netcat-like Backdoor for IPhone” and running with it further proves my points and thoughts. Hacking and exploiting in real life situations is not like the movie Swordfish nor The Matrix and this is why everyone that knows something thinks th3j35t3r is a joke.

I will conclude with these words from an angry th3j35t3r fan when you question and prove his failings as an example of the ignorance.

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Ditto! Couldn’t have said it any better. Thanks Krypt3ia for allowing us to reblog this. Good read!


Ali didn’t go far enough so I will say it….

Yeah, I have seen the comments on the post Ali did on Island, and I have heard that there are some folks pestering him now online because of that post. Let me assure you that Ali is too nice of a guy and too caring in how he may be getting things across in a more, shall we say civil manner. Those are certainly not problems where I am concerned, so let me start off with a tirade, cool down a bit, then make a reasoned argument ok?


Listen up you morons, you are not doing ANY of us a favor with your antics. Taking down sites via DDoS or actually popping them and RM’ing them makes you NO BETTER THAN  LULZSEC OR ANTISEC (of the Sabu variety pre popping by the Feds) Your hamfisted attempts at self…

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