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Not really, but I liked it. ;-)

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Press Release: Recent hacks under the ReaperSec name

Posted in Press Releases on December 11, 2011 by reapersec

On the night of December 8, 2011, a user by the name of MrBroadcloak/Broadcloak|afk/Mr_BC was klined from ReaperSec IRC due to constant trolling and pointed attacks on users of the IRC service provided by Reaper Security.  This user was asked several times to adhere to the rules of the ReaperSec IRC server and repeatedly refused.  After being klined from the server, the user repeatedly attempted to gain access back to the server and the channel which he/she was last chatting in.

Hours later, a link was dropped in the channel #graveyard leading to a rather childish and ridiculous defacement of which can be seen here: and here:  This defacement link was dropped by Mr_BC, aka MrBroadcloak.  But the defacers left behind signs of their affiliation which can be found in the following link posted by a user named LeRes, aka, Le_Researcher.  (*Added note:  Since the night of the 8th, there have been several more defacements done in an attempt to give ReaperSec a bad name, but just like the first defacement, ReaperSec was not involved, nor condones such actions.)

On a completely separate note, the user on who goes by the name of On3iroi was said to have “Tango Down” the ReaperSec IRC server, along with  This simply was not the case.  If there was an attack, it was so small on the radar that no one even noticed.  Messages stating that the IRC server was taken down by On3iroi, often referred to as “Onion”, are simply false and hold no validity whatsoever.

Let it be known that those in charge of or affiliated with ReaperSec do not perform website defacements, nor is ReaperSec “blackhat”.  There serves no purpose for such a childish defacement and ridiculous script kiddie games than to attempt to tarnish the ReaperSec name.  The poorly done defacement is just further proof that children are at their keyboards and are attempting to do things that are way out of their skill level.

ReaperSec does not tolerate such behavior or actions as defacements or unlawful acts against foreign or domestic computer systems.  ReaperSec will work to find those responsible for the defacement and will ensure that any information will be turned over to the proper people.  ReaperSec does not condone nor support any form of illegal activities against any infrastructure and will do everything in its power to help prevent future attacks.

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